Together We Will Endure

Covid-19 Update (3/29/2020)

Posted on March 22, 2020

I hope this post finds you safe and healthy. Coming into our 3rd week of the mandated closure of non-essential businesses in Washington State, it seemed appropriate to send a more specific email to the entirety of our membership.

Let me begin by expressing my incredible gratitude for the support and encouraging words many of you have displayed in the last few weeks. I have been reminded time and time again of what makes Dūrātus a special place...the people!

I am fully aware that this unprecedented time has brought with it much anxiety and fear. We are in the midst of a health and economic crisis without a playbook to follow. In this way, as my lovely wife recently said, it is like we are building the car as we drive it.

I want you to know, that we - the staff of Duratus - are not afraid. We are confident that our community will make it through this time. It will not be without varying degrees of loss, but we will make it through. I have seen what can be endured when a community digs in and fights for the good and right outcome.

Since the March 16th closure - we have tried to adapt as much as possible to continue to serve and bring value to our Duratus members. We have rented out for free a significant portion of our equipmentStarted an @home series of programming utilizing limited or no equipment (Dūrātus@home) Established a members only social media platform for connection on Instagram (@cfdathome) Moved our daily coaching/instruction to a virtual format for the @home programmingProvided additional unique opportunities for connection In addition, we offered and already worked with a few of our members who have been significantly affected by COVID-19, and therefore have needed to cancel/pause their memberships. As much as we hate to lose people, we fully understand the reality of this time will require difficult decisions for many people.

Please know that we will continue to adapt and be creative for as long as we are closed.
At this point, the only information we have been given is that businesses will be able to open back up after April 6th. However, based on experience in the last few weeks, it seems highly likely we might be under mandated closure beyond the 6th or at least limited operation for some time. Considering this reality, and the fact that we will have been closed for at least 3 weeks, we have felt it's most fair and equitable to extend the option for a 50% reduced membership for our members during the month of April.
We are seeking to be proactive and show just how deeply we value our members and desire to honor our contractual agreements.

*For many, this reduced membership fee during the month of April will help to create a little financial breathing room. We are hopeful that this alleviates a little stress. Of course, you will still have access to all membership benefits.

*For others, your personal finances have/will not be affected, yet you might feel you have not received from Dūrātus what you have desired during the closure. If so, please take us up on this offer as it's what we can do to show our commitment to you. *If you are in a place and feel convicted to continue your membership payment as is to help support in this time - we are deeply thankful for your commitment.

*For the last group of people, we know there will continue to be people that experience significant financial ramifications in the following weeks/months. Please know we are open to doing whatever we can to work with you - do not hesitate to reach out and be honest with what you need. We are only as strong as we are wiling to take care of each other!

We are not extending this without acknowledgment of how it will affect our business. We have shifted our business model in the last weeks to a “maintenance", rather than growth model. We are prepared for a few months of zero revenue and are aiming at just being able to cover our essential overhead (rent, utilities, CAMs, and payroll). Continuing to pay the Dūrātus coaching staff their monthly wage is something that is critically important to me. They are the heart and soul of our gym and should be cared for well. We will likely need to take advantage of as many different opportunities through the CARE act that are necessary to fulfill our business commitments and keep in operation.

What this means for you: If you want to take advantage of the 50% April membership fee - email me back and we will make the necessary changes. If you need greater financial reprieve - email and we can begin a discussion of how to move forward. If you are currently fine where you are at - do nothing but, know that we are here if things change. We will also offer you a free month to give to a family member/friend or to gift to someone in the gym that has been hit by a financial hardship. Just let us know ahead of time. If you paid upfront for the year - we plan to push your renewal date back by the amount of time we are mandated to be closed.

We are truly hopeful (as is everyone) that we are able to get back to some normalcy in the coming weeks. If our mandated closure is extended much beyond April 6th, we will look to address another round of equipment rental and ongoing memberships. We will reach out with this information in coming days/weeks.

Again, we are thankful for you sticking with us during this time and know we will be relentless in our pursuit to bring value to the Dūrātus community.