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Build the Base: Week 6

Posted on February 12, 2019


During the last week of our Build the Base series, we will be focusing on mindfulness. As we wrap up our 6-week series, mindfulness plays a key role in the longevity of these habits in your lifestyle. Being mindful about the foods that are fueling the body, what kinds of ingredients are in the everyday foods you buy, how much water intake is happening throughout the day, eating food for fuel versus other reasons, setting yourself up for success through preparedness, and allowing your body to get the rest it needs and deserves. Being mindful about these habits that we have posed over the last six weeks includes incorporating them into your lifestyle. This week, be mindful about the habits that we have proposed and focus on not how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle and routine this week, but over the next year. What kinds of changes are you going to need to make? What kind of people will you need to surround yourself with? What kinds of boundaries will you need to put in place in order for these habits to be successful? What kinds of resources will you utilize while continuing to learn how to build your base? What kinds of habits will you need to quit in order to live the life you are striving towards? Being mindful means being intentional and aware of your surroundings, so start being aware of the things that are fueling you and make it a priority to take charge of your habits, good or bad. You are the one who decides how your base is built, so what are you waiting for?