In 1901, delegates from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, banded together seeking to form a new state in the union, one they would call Lincoln. The proposal was unsuccessful, yet surfaced again in the 1920’s, this time to include Western Montana with the hopes the larger area might be more convincing. Likeminded people were hoping their voices would be better represented in their new state. Although the idea did not gain the traction necessary, it has since surfaced multiple times, each with the goal of coming together to better represent the strengths of this geographical area.

There are similarities to this idea in the CrossFit community. Many significant competitions are held yearly in the I-5 corridor, but what about the athletes that live and train in the geographical boundaries of the proposed northern state of Lincoln? Our area is home to many incredible CrossFit athletes and yet there are not many individual competitions that our area hosts where elite and competitive athletes can come together to compete against and push one another towards betterment.

The Lincoln Invitational

This individual CrossFit competition is specific to elite and competitive athletes from all over Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. Converging in Spokane, Washington (what was the proposed capitol of Lincoln) at the county fairgrounds on October 20-21st, this two day invitational competition will use CrossFit Open/Regional style programming to find the best male and female athletes who call this area their home.


In its inaugural year, The Lincoln Invitational will reward the podium finishers with far more then a bag of supplements and coupons. Elite and competitive athletes have to sacrifice a lot in order to pursue the sport of Crossfit - therefore we believe they should have a chance to win cash when they compete. If we can fill our competition spots, then the competition purse will be as follows:




We look forward to an incredible event showcasing the best athletes in the “State of Lincoln”.