Location Spokane County Fair & Expo Center
Ag Building A
Day Saturday Oct. 20 & Sunday Oct. 21
Time 9am - 4pm (both days)
Tickets $10/day or $15/weekend (kids 10 and under are free)
*can be purchased at the door with cash or check

Rip n’ Grip - Time Cap 18:00


E3MOM until reps reps cannot be finished in the minuted
x10 hang squat clean (115/85)
x15 T2B
x10 STOH

*hang squat clean and STOH increase by 1 rep each successive round


All athletes will start on the starting mat. At 3-2-1 go, athlete will run down their lane, step over their bar, and begin to perform the given number of reps of a hang squat clean for that round. Once all reps of the hang squat clean are finished, athlete moves to the rig and performs x15 T2B. After T2B are compete athlete comes back to their bar and performs given number of reps of shoulder to overhead (STOH) for that round. Once complete, athlete can drop bar, and sprint back to their starting mat. Their round is complete once both feet are on the starting mat.

Each round has a 3 minute time cap.


This event is structured with an E3MOM clock. Given work will need to be finished, including finishing position on the mat, in the 3 minutes to receive full credit and be able to advance to the next round. In each successive round, the hang squat clean and STOH reps will increase by 1 rep. The T2B reps will be consistent at 15 throughout all rounds. If/when the full round of 15/15/15 is complete - the reminder of the time (within the 3 minutes) is used to accumulate as many STOH reps as possible. Number of completed reps will be used as a tie breaker.


Hang Squat Clean

Athlete begins by picking up the bar and reaching static dead lift position. Athlete may then being the hang squat clean movement. Each rep must begin with barbell’s upward movement initiating between the knees and hips. Any grip may be used during the clean and front squat portion. Barbell must travel through the full squat and be stood back up with full extension (hips open, knees open, shoulders behind the bar) for each rep to count.


Athlete can grab pull up bar with any grip they want. Rep begins with both feet off the ground and traveling behind the vertical plane of the pull up bar. At the top of the movement, both feet must make contact with the bar in-between the hands at the same time.


Barbell begins in the front rack position. Any pressing movement may be used. BB must be pressed up and locked out overhead - making a straight line through the wrist, should, hip, knee and ankle.

Lincoln Five-OH - Time Cap 6:00


6 minutes to establish 5RM OHS

*Weight must be taken from the floor. Athlete can take as many attempts as they want.


In each heat, 8 athletes will begin on assigned mat with an empty bar, set of collars, and 1 set of each plate from 55#-2.5#. At 3-2-1 go, athlete can being loading the barbell with desired weight. Athlete can make as many attempts at their 5RM as they want within the 6 minutes. There will be no credit for partial lifts, as athletes must have at least one successful 5 rep lift to not receive a 0 for the event.


Barbell can be lifted with any style of lift to achieve the OH position. Once overhead, judge will look for 5 successive OH squats, where proper depth and a full lockout position at the top of the movement is achieved with each rep. Once overhead, the barbell may not come into contact with any part of the body, otherwise the lift will not count. Athletes must tell their judge the attempted weight before lifting for the lift the count. Weight on barbell can increase in any way the athlete desires.

Near Nature - Time Cap 15:00


600m run
x15 Dball GTOTs (150/100)
100’ DBall shoulder lunge
600m run
x15 Dball GTOTs
100’ DBall shoulder lunge

*There are two scores for this event…the first 600m time will be the event #3 score and the full time for the workout will be the event #4 score


8 athletes will be on their starting mats. At 3-2-1 go, all athletes will run through the garage door and outside for a 600m run. Judges will note athletes’ time once crossing back through the garage door. Athletes will move to their starting mat and begin x15 Dball ground to over the shoulder (GTOT) reps. Once all 15 reps are finished, athletes will pick the ball up to either shoulder and lunge 100’ (50’ down and back). Once back to the starting mat the ball will be dropped and athletes will run back through the garage door for another 600m, once back the athlete will move back to their Dball and work on 15 more Dball GTOT reps. After all 15 reps are completed, athletes once again picks up ball to shoulder and lunges the same 100’ (50’ down and back) ending on the starting mat.


A 300m “out and back” course will be set up along the east road outside the venue. Athletes must stay on the road, any deviation will result in automatic 0 for the event and possible disqualification from the competition.

Dball GTOTs
Ball is picked up from the ground, moves through an extended position and travels over the shoulder. At point of extension, shoulders must be behind the hips and knees. Athlete may not dip the shoulder to shorten the movement or duck under the ball as it passes through extension to receive an unfair advantage.

Dball can be held on the shoulder in any way the athletes desires. When lunging, knee must make contact with the ground and the hips must reach full extension at the top position. Athlete may choose to gather feet together or stride through, as long as hip extension is achieved. If the ball is dropped, judge will note where the last successful step was achieved and move the athlete back to that place to begin again. Athlete must have both feet across the finish line, standing tall with the ball still on the shoulder for time to be stopped.

WJW - Time Cap 7:00


120’ HS walk
x250 DUs
120’ HS walk


8 athletes will be standing on their starting mats. At 3-2-1 go, all athletes will kick up into a handstand walk (HS) and begin moving down their lane. At the end of their lane (60’) will be a mat where they can turnaround and begin walking back to the starting mat. They will have already staged their jump rope at the starting mat. Once they kick down from the HS walk, they can begin their double unders. Once all 250 double unders are complete, athlete will kick back up into HS walk and move their way back down the lane (60’) and back to their starting mat. Once both hands cross the finish line athletes can kick down and stand on the mat for their finishing time.


HS walk

When athlete kicks up or kicks down from HS position both hands must be in front/beyond the line. Lane will be set up into 20’ sections. Athlete must walk UB between sections. If athlete comes down from HS walk in the middle of a section. They will travel back to the begging of that section. At each 20’ interval, the time will be noted and can be used for the purposes of a a tie breaker.

Double Unders

The rope must forward pass under the athletes two times during the jump.

Chipped - Time Cap 21:00


x12 burpee box overs (24/20)
x36 Kb thruster (53/35)
x12 bupree box jump
x36 Echo cals
x12 burpee box jump
x36 deadlifts (275/185)
x12 burpee box jump
x36 Echo cals
x12 burpee box jump
x36 Kb thruster
x12 burpee box jump


At 3-2-1 go, athletes will proceed down their lane to the 24/20 inch boxes and perform x12 burpee box jumps. Once completed, athletes will move down the lane toward the 53/35# Kb and perform 36 total Kb single arm thrusters (18 in each arm). Once completed, athlete will move back to the box and perform 12 more burpee box jumps. When finished athlete moves down the lane to the Echo bike for 36/30 cals. When complete, athletes moves back the box for 12 more burpee box jumps. Once finished, athletes moves down the lane the the deadlift bar (275/185) to perform 36 dead lift reps. Once finished athletes moves back through each movement at the same rep scheme in reverse order. Event is finished when athletes stand tall on starting mat once last set of burpee box jumps is complete.


Burpee Box jumps

These are box facing burpees. Movement begins with athletes chest and hips coming into contact to with the ground perpendicular to and facing the box. Athlete must return feet to standing position at same time (no step up burpee). Once feet are gathered, athlete jumps onto box with a two foot take off. After athlete lands on the box, they must show control and stand to full extension on top of the box. Athlete may return to the ground by jumping off the box or stepping down.

Single Arm Kb Thruster

Athlete will perform 36 Kb single arm thrusters, 18 in each arm - they may choose which arm they begin, but once the first rep is performed the remaining 17 reps must be done in that arm before switching to other arm. Bottom of Kb cannot be supported on shoulder during squat and elbow must be fully in front of the Kb throughout the movement. At top of movement the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knees and ankles must be in line. Full depth must be reached during each squat.

Echo Bike

Bike can be adjusted to athletes desired positioning before the start of the workout and anytime during the workout. The computer may not be touched by athlete at any point during the workout. Athlete must stay on bike until total number of cals is reached.


Athletes must deadlift with a standard set up (arms outside of legs). If touch and go reps are used athlete may not bend through the arms or use the floor to bounce the weight in a way to assist the movement. At top of movement, shoulder must be behind the bar with hips and knees fully extended and in line.

Amanda’s Sister - Time Cap 9:00



weight increases each round :: 135/105 :: 165/115 :: 185/125


Athletes will start on starting mat. At 3-2-1 go, athletes will run down to rig and perform 9 bar muscle ups (BMUs). Once competed, athlete will move to bar and perform 9 snatches. Athletes will then run back to tag their starting mat. Athlete returns to the rig and performs 7 BMUs, then back to the bar (which needs to have been moved and have weights added) and performs 7 snatches and the run to tag the starting mat. Same pattern continues for the set of 5 BMUs and Snatches. Work out is finished when athlete competes final rep of snatches and stands tall back on the starting mat.



Once athlete jumps up to the bar, feet may not touch the ground through initiation of movement. At top of the movement athletes arms must be extended fully and locked out over the bar.


Any type of snatch can be used for this event. During each each rep, barbell must start from the floor and reach a fully locked out position overhead (barbell in line with shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles). Barbell must move in one fluid movement to the OH position without making contact with the upper body.

*barbell can be moved and weight can be added however the athletes chooses.


In 1901, delegates from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, banded together seeking to form a new state in the union, one they would call Lincoln. The proposal was unsuccessful, yet surfaced again in the 1920’s, this time to include Western Montana with the hopes the larger area might be more convincing. Likeminded people were hoping their voices would be better represented in their new state. Although the idea did not gain the traction necessary, it has since surfaced multiple times, each with the goal of coming together to better represent the strengths of this geographical area.

There are similarities to this idea in the CrossFit community. Many significant competitions are held yearly in the I-5 corridor, but what about the athletes that live and train in the geographical boundaries of the proposed northern state of Lincoln? Our area is home to many incredible CrossFit athletes and yet there are not many individual competitions that our area hosts where elite and competitive athletes can come together to compete against and push one another towards betterment.

The Lincoln Invitational

This individual CrossFit competition is specific to elite and competitive athletes from all over Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. Converging in Spokane, Washington (what was the proposed capitol of Lincoln) at the county fairgrounds on October 20-21st, this two day invitational competition will use CrossFit Open/Regional style programming to find the best male and female athletes who call this area their home.


In its inaugural year, The Lincoln Invitational will reward the podium finishers with far more then a bag of supplements and coupons. Elite and competitive athletes have to sacrifice a lot in order to pursue the sport of Crossfit - therefore we believe they should have a chance to win cash when they compete. If we can fill our competition spots, then the competition purse will be as follows:




We look forward to an incredible event showcasing the best athletes in the “State of Lincoln”.