Dūrātus Ladies

Together We Will Endure

Ever since the doors opened at Dūrātus, there has been strong men and women testing their fitness mentally and physically throughout the four years we have been open. This class is to continually encourage women to grow roots in their journey with CrossFit; whether it be a community to be apart of, an insecurity of body or self image, a goal to lose weight, or just to live a healthier lifestyle.
This is a community very rare and unique at Dūrātus, and that's what makes it so special. The goal of Dūrātus Ladies is to continually water those roots that have been growing, and let them blossom in a garden full of support, determination, and a bunch of strong ladies aiming to achieve similar goals!
Duratus Ladies was created for a couple different reasons:
  • CrossFit can be intimidating and scary. This class gives ladies a chance to workout and learn in a comfortable environment and eventually be able to feel comfortable in a regular class.
  • We have so many wonderful ladies at Duratus, but yet all have specific times that work for set schedules. This class gives all of the ladies a chance to see each other during the week, workout together, and lets be honest- chat the entire hour.
  • If you are one of those ladies that think you will get bulky and manly if you do CrossFit, that is totally understandable, but also very wrong. You can make CrossFit whatever you want, and this is a great environment to start in. Sharing goals, achievements, failures, and journeys with a group of the same passion is a special opportunity. 
We will work on accessory work for gymnastics movements, different weightlifting movements, complexes, pulls, technique, and will often have the opportunity to workout with a partner or a team.
I am grateful to of gotten the opportunity to put this class together, and I truly just enjoy the simplicity of a group of ladies striving to live an encouraging, strong, and driven healthy lifestyle.
Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to come try out our class!

- Anna