Competition Programming



Dūrātus @home

Mar. 30 - Apr. 05


Join us tonight (3.29) for a live yoga session @ 7pm. The Zoom link is below:

If you try to join early, you will likely be placed in a "waiting room". We will open the session at 7pm and begin around 7:05pm.

See you all tonight!



15:00 AMRAP
x10 squat broad jumps
x10 HR push ups
x10 plank ups

Limited Equipment
15:00 AMRAP
x10 squat cleans or SDHP squats
x10 HR push ups
x10 plank ups

Go back to the same hill you used for the sprints on week 1.

E2MOM for 5 rounds
hill sprints (75-100m


12:00 AMRAP
50’ waiters carry or :20 HS hold
x10 deadlifts*
150’ shuttle sprint (75’ WRD/75’ BKWD)

Limited Equipment

12:00 AMRAP
x25’ HS walk
x10 deadlifts
150’ shuttle sprint (75’ WRD/75’ BKWD)

Core Circuit:
3 rounds
x10 plank rotation with kick
x10 forearm side plank twist
rest :30
x10 plank rotation with kick
x10 forearm side plank twist
rest 2:00


Wednesdays are for Quality
6-8 rounds
x10 single leg reach and jump (each leg)
x2 wall walks
x10 Bulgarian split squats (each leg)
x6-8 strict pull ups/Australian rows

*No clock set for this one

Find a hike near your house - go out and be in nature.
Experience ad take in the beauty around.


10 rounds
200m run
x8 single arm wall push outs
x12 sit ups

Limited Equipment
10 rounds
200m run
x8 single arm DB push press
x12 sit ups


tuck jumps

rest 5:00


Limited Equipment
single arm devils press/Kb swing
jumping squats

rest 5:00


PChain Circuit:
x12 single leg kick back
x12 glutei bridge
x12 single leg RDLs/reach downs


Capacity Work:
single DB “Kalsu”
x100 DB thrusters (alt hands any time)
*x5 burpee OTDB EMOM - including 0:00

Running Intervals:
E2MOM for 4 rounds
200m run
E3MOM for 3 rounds
400m run
E4MOM for 2 rounds
800m run

Endurance Training:
1000 step us for time
*wear a weigh vest of backpack (40/20) if you dare

Cycle 3 : Week 1

Monday Oct. 02


back squat

1x10 @ 65%
1x8 @ 70%
1x6 @ 75%
1x4 @ 80%
1x2 @ 85%

then 3 sets of 10 split squats/leg
with DB (use jerk stance, 2 second


x10 dead lifts (255/175)
x10 bar facing burpees
x10 cals on rower
x8 deadlifts
x10 bar facing burpees
x12 cals on rower …follow pattern until

x2 deadlifts
x10 bar facing burpees
x18 cals on rower

Gymnastics Efficiency

x20 MUs
x15 Dball cleans (150/100)
x10 MUs

*be aware that your midline and likely your shoulder will be pretty fatigued after the set of Dball cleans.  Be smart how you approach the MUs.

Tuesday Oct. 03


clean and jerk
6x1 @ 65-70%
5x1 @ 70-75%
4x1 @ 75-80%
3x1 @ 80-85%
2x1 @ 85%+


3 rounds
x18 alternating DB snatch (50/35)
x54 DUs

rest 2 minutes

2 rounds
x24 alternating DB snatch
x72 DUs

rest 2 minutes

x30 alternating DB snatch
x90 DUs

Gymnastic Capacity

x5 rope climbs
200m run
x4 rope climbs
200m run
x3 rope climbs
200m run
x2 rope climbs
200m run
x1 rope climb

*push the runs to see where it leaves you for the rope climbs.

Wednesday Oct. 04


strict press
accumulate 20 reps at or above

then 3 rounds 8-12 australian
rows and 4-6 partner GHR


13 minute AMRAP
x55 WBs
x35 CTB
x15 STOH (135/95)

Odd Object Training

15 minute AMRAP
100’ standing sled pull
100’ sled push
rest 1:00

Friday Oct. 06


6x1 @ 65-70%
5x1 @ 70-75%
4x1 @ 75-80%
3x1 @ 80-85%
2x1 @ 85%+


5 minute AMRAP
x3 squat snatch (135/95)
x6 box jump overs (30/24)
x9 T2B

rest 3 minutes

repeat 5 minute AMRAP

Capacity Work

ski cals
AAB cals

Saturday Oct. 07


2x7 @ 72.5% (touch and go)
2x5 @ 82.5% (touch and go)
3x2 @ 87.5%+ (drop and

*focus on smooth and controlled reps


squat cleans (155/105)

Muscular Endurance

2 rounds
x40 heavy Kb swings
x30 Kb SDHP

Bank Of Extras

Oct. 02 - Oct. 08

Capacity And Muscular Endurance

12 minute AMRAP
40’ HS walk (must be UB)
x10 squat clean WB (30/20)

E5MOM for 25:00
x25 AAB cals
x15 thrusters (95/65)
x5 MUs

*use this piece to work on pacing through these movements.

air squats
push ups

*wear a 20/14# vest if you can

Odd Object

5 rounds
x2 legless rope climbs
x16 AAB cals
rest 2:00
*each round should be a sprint

10 rounds
x2 power snatch (185/125)
Dball stair lap (150/100)
rest 2:00

*scale stair lap with 200m front hold carry

3 rounds

x8 parralleute HSPU (8-12”)
x12 FS (185/135)

NFT and Accessory Strength

40 minute AMRAP
1: x10 DB thrusters (50/35)
2: x15 GHDs
3: 50 DUs
4: x15 HSPU
5: x10 burpee box jump over

for time:
x10 peg board ascents

4 rounds
x10 moderate single arm Kb thruster
:30 L-sit hold
x10 moderate single arm Kb thruster
:30 back extension hold

Available dcp plans


Access to full Dcp programming. Includes: daily strength/skill and conditioning pieces paired with explanations of how to approach each piece where needed. Also includes full “bank of extras” from which athlete chooses additional pieces based on weaknesses. Programming will be posted weekly, so as to create maximal flexibility for the athlete. An incredibly affordable way to further your training.

Sample Week


Full affiliate programming includes daily strength/skill, MetCon, and additional “CP” for gym members that might desire a little more. Programming will be given one month at a time. A few extra bucks a month might allow you to allocate a lot more of your time to coaching.

Affiliate Plus

Full affiliate package + individual package. Certainly the best choice for gym owners/managers that want to have the maximal offering for the entirety of their membership.


Affiliate and Individual custom programming is available. Please contact us directly so we can discuss your specific needs and tailor a program that will move you toward achieving your goals.