Together We Will Endure

Glossary of Terms

  • AMRAP = As Many Reps/rounds As Possible
  • FT = For Time
  • SDHP = Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • STOH = Shoulder To Overhead
  • DB = Dumbbell
  • WB = Wall Balls
  • UB = Unbroken
  • GTOH = Ground To Overhead
  • DU = Double Unders
  • TGU = Turkish Getups
  • EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute
  • EOMOM = Every Other Minute On The Minute
  • CTB = Chest To Bar
  • K2E = Knees To Elbows
  • T2B = Toes To Bar
  • OHS = Overhead Squat
  • ME = Max Effort
  • AFAP = As Fast As Possible
  • BURPEE OTB = Burpee Over The Bar

Wednesday Sep. 13


dead lifts
1x5 @ 80% of 3RM
1x4 @ 82.5% of 3RM
1x3 @ 85% of 3RM
1x2 @ 90% of 3RM


5 rounds
x15 WBs
x12 HR push ups 
x9 power cleans (135/95)


weakness work

Tuesday Sep. 12


power clean

4x3 @ 80%
3x2 @ 85%
3x1 @ greater than 90%+

*rest as needed between sets

x15 reps AFAP @ 70%


row for cals
power snatch (75/55)


x15 rope climbs
800m run
x30 burpee box jump overs

Monday Sep. 11


Since opening our doors over 4 years ago - we have firmly believed that CrossFit is far more then a simple fitness program.  It’s a group of like-minded people seeking not only personal growth, but the betterment of whole community.  We have been amazed time and time again of how the Dūrātus community has responded to others needs.  Whether asked or not, our gym has worked hard to make sure all are cared for in our community.  

Another opportunity is upon us.  In the last two months one of our own, Suzanne Minnerly, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Suze joined Dūrātus a year ago, when she moved back to the area and excepted a teaching job at Stevens elementary.  Obviously a cancer diagnosis to someone in the their mid-20s can be devastating, but she took the news standing strong and ready to battle.  She began chemo treatments in August and will continue for the following few months.  She continues to show up a the gym, ready to work and do all that her body can manage.  

Many have already come around her to support and encourage. 

Below are a few practical ways you too can support her during this time:

Sign up provide her a meal (

Join her during one of her treatment times. 

If you are an employee of Spokane School district - you can donate leave to help offset the time she has to take away from work

Simply say an encouraging word

Nothing is too little and everything is appreciated.  

May we be a gym known less for our fitness and more for our community.  


5x5 back squat @ 80-90% of your new 5RM

*work heavier than other 5x5 weeks if you can


STOH (115/85)


x5 400m repeats

rest 2:00

Friday Sep. 08


power snatch

4x2 @ 77.5%
3x3 @ 80%
2x1 @ 85%+
2x1 @ greater than 90%+

*rest as needed between sets

x12 reps AFAP @ 70%


6 rounds
x3 cleans (70%)
x9 burpee OTB

*increase weight by 5-10#s per round


heavy Dball cleans
tall box jumps

Thursday Sep. 07


dead lifts

1x5 @ 80% of 3RM
1x4 @ 82.5% of 3RM
1x3 @ 85% of 3RM
1x2 @ 90% of 3RM


Kb swings (70/53)
front squats (135/95)
DUs (x3)


14 minute AMRAP
x20 GHDs
x20 DB thrusters (40/30)

rest 1:00

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