Together We Will Endure

Glossary of Terms

  • AMRAP = As Many Reps/rounds As Possible
  • FT = For Time
  • SDHP = Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • STOH = Shoulder To Overhead
  • DB = Dumbbell
  • WB = Wall Balls
  • UB = Unbroken
  • GTOH = Ground To Overhead
  • DU = Double Unders
  • TGU = Turkish Getups
  • EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute
  • EOMOM = Every Other Minute On The Minute
  • CTB = Chest To Bar
  • K2E = Knees To Elbows
  • T2B = Toes To Bar
  • OHS = Overhead Squat
  • ME = Max Effort
  • AFAP = As Fast As Possible
  • BURPEE OTB = Burpee Over The Bar

Wednesday Oct. 11


a quick request from one of our members:

“Hello and thank you for being willing to participate in this anonymous questionnaire. For those of you who have not met me, my name is Nicole and I have been a part of the CrossFit Duratus community for the past 4 years. My classmate Tessa and I are students in the Master's Nutrition & Exercise Physiology program at Washington State University Spokane. We are both working towards becoming Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. We are currently enrolled in a Community Nutrition class working on a program planning project. It is our goal to assess the Duratus Community and their nutrition needs for performance and to create a nutrition program related to exercise based on the results.

 We would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to fill out this anonymous survey. It should only take about 10 minutes.

 If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact Nicole at”


Find a 1RM clean and jerk


3 rounds
4 minute AMRAP
x8 front squats (135/95)
x8 burpees OTB

rest 2:00 minutes between AMRAPs


weakness work

Tuesday Oct. 10


Gymnastics Test:
ME strict pull ups


5 rounds
x10 hang clean (115/85)
25’ OH lunge single DB (50/35)
x10 STOH
25’ OH lunge single DB


10 minute AMRAP

*every break you must run 100m

Monday Oct. 09


A couple of things..
Another cycle is upon us. During this cycle, we will be focusing on full olympic movements, raw strength (dead lift/press/squat), and traditional metcons. We hope you will experience strength gains (or as the kids call it, "gainz") over the next 12 weeks, get a chance to critique and clean up your olympic lifts, and enjoy the different style of metabolic conditioning.

Don't forget- Our grand opening party is this Saturday the 14th from 7-9PM. Catered snacks will be provided, so come and celebrate the new CFD with us! 


30 minutes to find CrossFit Total


 x25 GHDs
x15 power sntach (95/65)
x20 GHDs
x15 power snatch
x15 GHDs
x15 power snatch
x10 GHDs
x15 power snatch

Friday Oct. 06


6x3 back squats

*move fast and efficiently


18 minute AMRAP
x12 hang power snatch
x16 T2B
x12 HR push ups

rest 1:00


4 rounds

1a.) 50m FR Yoke Carry (use axle barwith kb’s and band if too heavy)

1b.) Pillar to Plank 30 seconds of continuous movement

1c.) GHR 8-12 reps, use band for assistance if you cannot maintain hip extension throughout movement

* rest as needed between movements

Thursday Oct. 05


20 minutes to re-familiarize yourself with snatches


Kb swings (53/35)
box step ups with Kb

*400m run after round of 30 and 20


1 mile run
2K row

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